About ASL Creative Ltd

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ASL creative is a small company founded by husband and wife, Andrew and Samantha.

Selling online has been a core element of Andrew’s life.

He made his first sale online in 1992, it was for some software he wrote.

In 1999 Andrew and Samantha started selling “balloons in boxes” online and quickly became one of the largest UK balloon retailers on the internet. 

After moving to Northern Ireland in 2006 they sold the ballon business and created a new business in Northern Ireland which formed the roots for ASL Creative.

During the many years of selling online, Andrew & Samantha have discovered that no matter what you sold online, the same problems were always present.

One of the major issues faced by the duo has been the supply of branded packaging and boxes.

When they ran the balloon business, they discovered buying boxes came with problems. They had to buy an articulated lorry full of boxes, if they wanted the boxes made to their specification. Then they had to find somewhere to store them.

Since that time, it has always been an issue that they faced.

The typical response from a supplier has been: “Yes you can have that made and printed in your chosen design, but you will need to buy a minimum of 1,000 units”.

That is fine if you have a tried and tested product, but when you are testing a product in the marketplace, you might only need 50 or 100 branded boxes to begin with.

As more companies started to sell smaller quantities of products online, ASL Creative decided to invest in the equipment to make short-run printed packaging.