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Womens Workwear Clothing

Traditionally womens workwear clothing was hardly heard of, most manufacturers catered for men and very little was available for women.

Slowly overtime, workwear manufacturers have introduced product ranges specifically for women. Now there is a very wide range of clothing that is cut for the female figure.

Case Studies

Polo Shirts

This is a traditional item of clothing that looks good in almost any work environment. Not only is it casual, but also with the correct garment decoration it can look extremely smart.

Womens Workwear Polo Shirt
© Carrie McKee Photography

This is a polo shirt ASL Creative designed and printed for Carrie McKee a photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The polo shirt is a lady fit style, which means it is cut in at the side seams to compliment a woman’s  figure.

Whereas a unisex or man’s polo shirt is normally just straight at the side seams.

The printed design and marketing message was placed on the back of the shirt. The reason for this was when a photographer is taking photographers, everybody who is not in the photograph being taken, stands behind the photographer.

Whereas in a retail environment, where most communication is done face to face, the advertising would be on the front of the polo shirt, for customers to see, whilst engaged in conversation.